Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ASLOK Saturday

My week wrapped up Saturday with the "Chinese Fire Drill" mini. I was matched up in round one with Sweden's Robert Maglica. We chose Schwerpunkt's "Seizing the Sittang" bridge. I had the attacking Japanese.

Robert dug in two stacks in foxoles at the foot of the bridge, and sent everyone else forward to slow down the Japanese advance. My main force and one of my armored cars moved up on or around the main road.

The other car went left over the open ground and kunai to try to find a way to cut off the fallback of some of the Chinese units. This was a mistake. Although it did manage to KIA a squad with a point blank shot, with it's "truck-type" movement it was essentially out of the fight afterward.

Robert did a good job of shooting and falling back. Eventually he took out an armored car with an MG kill shot. My desperation turn five banzai went poorly, and I conceded.


Since Robert made quick work of me, and my lack of sleep was starting to catch up, I decided to head down to my room for a quick hour long nap. That turned out to be a 4 hour nap, and thus ended my ASL for the week.

I just did some hanging out with a few beers and got the gear together on Saturday night. There just wasn't any more ASL in me. Although I was disappointed in my 2-6 record (worse than my first ASLOK last year), it was a great time once again. Already looking forward to next year.