Sunday, June 30, 2013

Is This Thing On?

   So. I guess I never really posted an AAR from  that FB game. Looking at the date on that post, I can't believe it's been that long since I played ASL. Fixing that soon.

   I had the defender in HKL259. It's all a bit vague at this point, but I recall the Russian attacking across a wide front, as my troops fell back down the hill. It was about what you'd expect, as the Axis try to slow down the Russian advance, and whittle them down a bit.

  The ammo shortage is very tough on this Axis force, as all those 2nd line troops become conscripts, and the conscripts become, well...

  I remember the endgame coming down to last turn. I was very weak by that point, and just trying to spread out across the goal line. (You can't stop the Russians, you can only hope to contain them!!)  When I say I was "weak," I mean my left flank was being held up by a conscript half squad and a dummy stack. Jim sniffed out the dummy stack, my half squad rolled boxcars on it's one decent shot opportunity.  Game.

   It was a neat tactical puzzle, and I would play it again. Jim's wide attack put pressure on all points of my line and forced me to keep taking shots, which is exactly what the Axis need to try to avoid.