Saturday, September 29, 2012

What are these little cardboard pieces for?

    Playing ASL for the first time in almost a year. Easing back in with a small-medium sized all infantry scenario from Festung Budapest, HKL 259. It's my first Budapest scenario, but it doesn't really deal with the FB ruleset much. The only real historical flavor in this one comes from the Axis ammo shortage.

    The Russians will be pushing down from the hilltop, and my Axis defender will try to keep a line together, and not let them break through. Both sides have pretty tough looking forces, but the Axis ammo shortage makes their side also very fragile. I need to make every shot count.

    Here is a current day image of the fighting area from Google earth.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Break In

   My apartment was broken into yesterday while I was at work. The burglars made off with an old broken iPhone and about $2 in quarters. Seems I outsmarted the thieves by being clever enough not to own anything worth stealing. Check and mate, burglars.

  They went through most of my drawers and dumped them out, opened cabinets etc.  I was instructed not to touch anything until detectives were able to look around and take fingerprints. No prob.

  The detectives moved around taking photos, occasionally stopping to take prints. Then one detective came upon the open cabinet with all my ASL stuff inside. He looked at it skeptically. "What are all these plastic trays, sir?" Great. Already a stressful day and now I have to explain what ASL is to this guy. "Uh. Those are where I keep my narcotics collection." I didn't really say that, but at the time it seemed like it might have been easier.

  I just said "it's parts for a game." He accepted it and kept moving. After they left I went over to the cabinet and saw my Plano full of black SS counters sitting right at eye level. It's a good thing the break-in artists aren't eBay savvy.