Sunday, April 20, 2008

AAR VotG CGII Drive to the Volga Sept 14th Part III

Perimeter, end of Sept 14th day.

The last three turns of the first CG date saw the Germans make a desperate dash for locations, mopping up of disrupted Russian militia, and more stack-slamming close quarter fighting.

In the north, we pushed hard to the north of Pavlov's crib in an effort to roll up the map edge. The push was stuffed at Penzenskaya St by fire from the ART piece in Pavlov's house. One squad was vaporized while approaching the road, another was broken and beaten back. Those behind them thought better of the effort.

We got a break in the final turn when that gun malf'd. It was later removed in the refit phase.We're really gonna miss that thing. Not.

North side.


Another Russian ART gun popped up on the top floor of the BB 25 building with some long lines of sight. It put a scare into a StuG, but nothing more.

In the center, more light skirmishing. We were able to cut off 3 or 4 disrupted conscript squads and kill them for Failure to Rout. We didn't get all the locations I wanted, but still made pretty good headway against light opposition.

The heaviest fighting continued in the south. The Russian reinforcements which arrived on turn 5 stabilized their line. The StuG that had been caught too far east by the Russian arrivals went down to a KV1 as a little armor battle developed. A StuG G took out a KV-1 on a shoot 'n' scoot APCR shot, and another went down to a Stuka attack via the shock/UK route

The south side of Stalingrad is the baddest part of town.

KV's and StuGs play hide and seek.

More Russian troops pulled back to the strong point at the Univermag. The Germans were able to take control of most of the buildings in the block west and northwest of the Univermag which was not being defended.

Both of the AA halftracks were recalled by sniper fire. The Russian sniper was otherwise thankfully pretty quiet.

German reinforcements in the south finally arrive on turn 8. Too late to pitch in on the fight,but they did recapture a few of the buildings on the SW corner and square off the lines.

The Germans lost 86 CVP, the Russians 101. For the Germans, losses included 7(!) StuGs, about 18 squads, and only a few leaders (including an armor leader). The Russians lost 3 T-34s,2 KV-1s, an ART gun, an 82mm MTR, and about 60 points worth of infantry. They also had two T-34's recalled due to disabled MA's. The Russians win the first scenario.

The Russian night attack is coming. The Russians single biggest handicap, their lack of effective range, will be somewhat mitigated at night. Throw in the fact that the Germans are lax by SSR, and the fighting is all but guaranteed to be at close range.

Hope we get back to it soon.

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