Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Joe and I are on a bit of a VotG hiatus at the moment. We'll probably get back at it within the next few weeks.

Meanwhile for Memorial Day weekend, a few of us will be taking the trip to historic Reading, PA, for Mike Daschbach's semi-annual Reading Rumble.

You can visit the Reading homepage here. Gosh they are proud of their Ambulance, aren't they? She is a beaut!

Mike graciously opens up his office conference room to the ASLers of southeastern PA (and a select few New Jerseyans) a few times a year for a gameday. I'll be taking on our host himself in J32: Panzer Graveyard. It's a tourney classic that both of us have managed to avoid ever playings.

His building has a rich history of its own. Apparently in the winter of 1778, while standing at that very spot, George Washington tried to borrow three dollars from General Daniel Morgan claiming that he had left his billfold "at home in his other coat."

Morgan was having none of it, as Washington was already into him for more than thirty bucks.

It's sure to be a good time as always.

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