Saturday, August 2, 2008

Week Off

No ASL this week, as Joe had family stuff to attend. So, I spent my empty Saturday signing up for LibraryThing. It's an interesting social networking site which centers around the books that you own.

You catalog your books (very easy to do), then you can see who else owns many of the same books you do. You can use it contact other people who are as bizarre and obsessive as you are (er....maybe not such a good idea), or you can just see what else they have in their book collections. Once you find some people with similar interests in reading materials, the book recommendations are actually pretty valuable.

They also have this neat blog widget I've added on the right below the links. It'll show you some of the books I've put into my library. It's clickable, and will take you to the librarything or Amazon page for that book (depending on where you click).

So, I cataloged a few dozen books, and in so doing came to the horrible realization that I own a LOT of books that I have not read. Guess maybe I better go crack one....

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