Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back to Stalingrad

The plan is to head back to the Valor of the Guards map on Monday have a go at VotG18, In Sight of the Volga. Jim will be on the attack with the Germans, I'll have the defenders.

This reworking of the Beyond Valor scenario for the historical map appeared in last summer's Operation Special Edition #1. The scenario is all about the Germans trying to get machine guns into the upper building levels overlooking the Volga. However, it's also a bit more than that.

The Russians get five ground level fortified buildings, and SSR 1 also states that NKVD strongpoints are in play. In practical terms, this means that the Russian may turn either the State Bank or the Brewery into an NKVD strongpoint, but not both.

The Germans need to control all ground level locations of the State Bank and the Brewery, and also get 17FP worth of functioning machine guns into their upper levels. The wrinkle here is that the Germans can also exit MG's off the east edge to count towards that total. So, the Russians can not just hunker down in the fortress and play "come and get me". They have to spread out a bit, and be concerned about a German exit.

German troops exited off the east edge also reduce the number of reinforcing troops the Russians will receive starting on turn 7.

More to come....

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