Saturday, September 29, 2012

What are these little cardboard pieces for?

    Playing ASL for the first time in almost a year. Easing back in with a small-medium sized all infantry scenario from Festung Budapest, HKL 259. It's my first Budapest scenario, but it doesn't really deal with the FB ruleset much. The only real historical flavor in this one comes from the Axis ammo shortage.

    The Russians will be pushing down from the hilltop, and my Axis defender will try to keep a line together, and not let them break through. Both sides have pretty tough looking forces, but the Axis ammo shortage makes their side also very fragile. I need to make every shot count.

    Here is a current day image of the fighting area from Google earth.


Luke Sineath said...

Are you playing by email?

Rockford said...

Negative. Face-to-face. I'll post a brief AAR soon. Spoiler alert: I lost.

Luke Sineath said...

I bet you had a blast, though!