Saturday, March 7, 2015

What Just Happened?

  Jim and I got in our playing of 165 Nothing But Courage with plenty of time to spare, because I conceded after 3-1/2 turns. I had the defending Russians, and I honestly don't know how the Russians have a chance in this.
   I spread out my defense at start. I think this is a requirement, as the Finns get three FFEs in turn 1, If they manage to catch a bunch of squads, or worse a few tanks, that's a disaster. The alternative, however is also terrifying: spread out on No Move counters and watch as the ski equipped Finnish supermen out maneuver, and slice and dice your troops. Lots of surrendering. Lots of pain.
   The Russians have 5 AFVs, but they must begin the game Abandoned, with their crews outside (again on No Move counters.) I admittedly have not studied this battle, but from the bit I did read about it, I do not see the historical justification for the No Move / Abandoned tank SSRs. This scenario appears to have been designed by someone has a sadistic dislike for Russian soldiers.


michaelfast said...
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duck life said...

What a great performance!