Monday, August 24, 2009

Bloody Torokina Perimeter

This Saturday will be a return to for-real ASL action at the roughly semi-annual "Brackin Basement Bash". One of my regular opponents, Jim Brackin hosts these ASL days at his house from time to time. I've been to four or five by now, and none has ever been in the basement. I think a new name is in order for the event.

Anyway, I've drawn JRV for an opponent and we've agreed on Dispatches From the Bunker's "The Bloody Torokina Perimeter" (DB057).

I dropped a die to randomly determine sides and got the Japanese. When JR said he preferred the Japanese if it was all the same to me, I gladly handed them over. Not that I think the Americans have any real advantage, but giving a player like JR a week to set up a fixed defense is not a strategy endorsed by Sun Tzu.

I have the American defenders behind the fixed fortifications.

BTW, JR, This is not my set-up. :)

The Japanese have two reinforced companies moving down from the jungle to fling themselves at the dug-in Americans. The VC require them to exit infantry or capture pillboxes. Each wire hex in this map also contains a 6FP AP minefield.

The Japanese get 8(!) DC's and a flamethrower among other toys. Some of the DC's will surely be used to send DC heroes rushing in to attempt to blow a gap in the wire. The setup restrictions force most of the Japanese troops to setup on the road in the north, so they will take a turn or two to get to their line of departure, giving my Americans a chance to react and shift.

The American on board forces counter with 4MMG's, a 40mm AA gun, and a 37LL AT gun which hopefully have a few rounds of canister ammo. The good guys also get some high quality reinforcements on turns 3 and 5 including a 10-2, a .50 cal, and a flamethrower of their own.

Both sides have small OBA modules. The Japanese will most likely fire smoke or WP with their first mission.

There promise to be banzai charges through minefields, firelanes and all the rest. Looks like a real brawl.


Luke Sineath said...

WOW. Looks intense! What's the date? '45? So far my fights against the Japanese haven't extended beyond 1938, so I haven't seen a whole lot of DC/TH hero action.

Rockford said...

This one is on Bougainville, March '44.

Anonymous said...

> BTW, JR, This is not my set-up. :)

Good, because it's illegal.