Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rules Dive #1: Molotov Cocktails.

On the Two Half Squads podcast this past week, they covered the rules involving Molotov cocktails. I realized that this is one of those rules I never take full advantage of. Usually when my side has Molotov ability, either I forget about it, or I'm hesitant because I don't want to do the rules dive and figure it isn't worth it.

I'm typing this post as a quick exercise in committing to memory the basics of Mol rules once and for all.

A) When does your unit have one?

On a Mol check dr 1-3. Mods are: CX +1, HS +1, SMC +2, vs, non-AFV +1.
There is no penalty for rolling a '6' on your Mol check dr.
A Mol check counts as use of a SW

B) What happens vs infantry?

A unit with a Mol adds 4FP to it's IFT attack.

c) What happens vs an AVF?

A unit with a Mol attacks an AFV on the HE & Flame TK table.

D) What's the funky part?

It's all about the colored dr. Again, the chrome on the mol rules are all about
the colored dr.

If the colored dr of the IFT attack is '6', the unit possessing the mol is
broken, and if in burnable terrain, a flame is placed in it's location.

If the colored dr of the IFT attack is a '1', a flame is place in the target

And the rule I never knew until T2HS mentioned it: You can not use a mol across a woods or orchard hexside.

Now I just have to re-read this post 400 times, and maybe I'll remember it all when it matters.

...adding. Trying to come up with a mnemonic device for this. Something like "Roll a one, burn the hun, roll a six, ...uh...flick your bics.."? Guess it needs work.


Binko said...

Nice summary of the Mol rules. Some of that MIGHT stick with me. :)

I'm a new asl player and I added your blog to my list of asl websites to visit.

Rockford said...

Binko - Great! New blood is always welcome. Hope you found some local FTF players to help you along.


Joe Steadman said...

I have used them once and they ended up buring me!