Saturday, July 3, 2010

AP61 Desobry Defiant

Jim and I will be taking a crack at this one later this morning.

Jim will take the German attacker, and I'll defend muddy and misty Noville with a mixed bag of American troops.

The Germans have a big and tough force with 12(!) AFVs, not counting the 6 halftracks. Three of those are Panthers. They also have a half dozen elite squads to go with 12 1st & 2nd liners.

Pre-game sense is that the Germans have a lot of tools and firepower, but a big task ahead. The VC basically require total annihilation of the American infantry, and the Americanshave a few tricks at their disposal as well (e.g. daisy chain, gyros, etc.)

We played AP60, Nishe Nyet, from this pack a few weeks ago, and it was pretty strong. My Russians were able to push Jim's Germans over the CVP cap for the win. Hoping this scenario is as much fun as that one.

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