Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hello UPS!

The map pack arrived today.

Haven't looked too closely yet, but the maps look pretty good! They have a slightly different feel then the 20-30 year old originals, but "different" is not a bad thing. In addition, the consistent colors, and -MOST OF ALL FOR GOD'S SAKE- the fact that the hexes where the boards meet actually meet up correctly make this a huge win.

At the risk of acting like a four year old who likes playing with the box better than playing with the present, the box looks very useful for storage and travel.

It's the first time I've had something to put maps in that they actually fit in! The pack comes with boards 1-52 plus seven letter-id starter kit boards, with room for plenty more. I'm going to reinforce the corners and keep everything in there. Boxes are exciting and awesome!! (Easy, easy now, I'm going to be okay.)

I just hope they don't start to dissolve or rebel when I mix in my HOB and Bounding Fire boards.

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