Monday, September 19, 2011

Heavy question for a Monday

I'll have an AAR to post later this week of the Blood and Jungle scenario Shenam Pass, but in the meantime, this has been bugging me.

In ASL, a squad has an Inherent Portage Capacity of 3PP. A half squad ALSO has an IPC of 3PP. In my experience, ten guys can usually carry more than five guys. What the hell gives, ASL?


Josh said...

It is corrected for in the fact that a full squad can both fire a SW AND it's IFP, while a half squad must choose either-or. Essentially, a half squad can pick up all the squad's support weapons when they Casualty Reduce, but there's no one left to simply man the M1's. The SW's don't actually weigh any less.

Steve said...

You can always split a squad into two half-squads; doubling IPP but losing some combat-effectiveness as they struggle along with all that luggage!