Friday, October 28, 2011

Sad Story and A.2

  In my recent playing of Shenam Pass, we see here my Type 2  Ho-I Gun Tank innocently cruising up the gully, keeping out of trouble when suddenly a British artillery piece appears on the horizon.

  Fortunately, it's facing in the wrong direction. Turning and firing in the jungle will be an almost impossible shot, so my tank crew wasn't too worried just yet.
  Sure enough, the gun turns, fires, and misses. Now, in a fit of pique, the tank crew attempts to drive right past the gun, daring it to use intensive fire.

  As we can see from this fuzzy aerial photography, the gun crew did use intensive fire, and did not miss. I felt like there was something wrong here, but couldn't quite call it at the time, so we played on. It was only the following day that I realized this shot was illegal per C2.6:

A Gun may fire-at/affect a different level target only if the range is >= the elevation difference between them

  With the Gun at level 1, the tank at level -1, and the range equal to 1, this shot is not allowed.

  In any case, I had misplaced this tank and had it well away from the main part of the battle. This was really just a sideshow that probably had zero impact on the outcome.  At least that's what I told the families of the crew in the letters of condolence I wrote to them.

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