Saturday, July 6, 2013

Battle Planning J154 Cradle to Grave Pt 2 - The Attack

   (I'm typing this post and the previous one in advance of my next game, and scheduling them to be posted during the game, lest my opponent gain any advance intel.)   

  With the 11th Panzer Division turning to fight the pursuing Thunderbirds at Meximieux, the first decision you have to make is how to split your forces. You need to break them into two groups, and each must have at least 6 squad equivalents (of 14 total), 2 SMCs (of 5),  and 2AFVs (of 8). One group enters on the north edge, the other on the east edge on/south of 18M1

(East Edge)
   I decided pretty quickly to max out on the force entering from the East. That'll be 8 squads, including all 4 elite squads, 3 SMCs, and 6 AFVs.  I'll be bringing both Hummels, both halftracks, one Panther and one PZIV on from this direction.

   There are two good reasons for this. One is that it's simply the shortest route to the village. The second is that I want to quickly grab the hills East of town. I don't want to put any open topped vehicles up there until I know where the American mortars are. However, I could see putting a PZIV up there to possibly fire smoke, or a Panther to shoot up the town.

     I could also see putting a half squad up top as a spotter for the mortar halftrack which could remain safely out of sight. (I wasn't entirely sure it was legal to use spotted fire with a mortar halftrack, but found this thread on the Gamesquad Forums indicating that Perry has ruled that it is legal.)

     If I could be reasonably certain is was safe from mortar and TD fire, I'd gladly put a Hummel up there, but I don't expect it to be safe. It is a war, after all. But by entering in force from the east, I hope to sweep up the hills fairly quickly, and move the infantry on into the town.

   The northern troops will have less to work with, and a suitably smaller goal. They will be tasked with grabbing the northernmost stone hexes and keeping the American reinforcements at bay. There is a threat of the HIP partisan MMC popping up late game and retaking previously captured stone hexes to guard against as well.

  Difficult to plan too far in advance, but those are the broad strokes. In addition, whatever plan I make will be quickly abandoned as soon as my first squad breaks and I declare the scenario an unwinable dog. 


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