Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pre Gaming

Meximieux, France
  With a long holiday weekend on my hands, I'm writing a few quick posts on J154 Cradle To Grave which I am playing on Saturday. I'm writing one post on how I might set up a defense if I had the Allies, another on my plan of attack. Of course, I can't post them, because my opponent, Jim, may stop by the blog at some point before that. (Espionage ain't what it used to be.)

    So, instead, I'll schedule the posts to go up during our game on Saturday. Then at some future point, I'll post an AAR and see how wrong my analysis was. (Spoiler: WAY OFF) I'll grade myself on the stupidity scale with "pretty stupid" at one end, and "face melting dumb" at the other.


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