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AAR VotG CGII - Drive to the Volga -Day 1 -Part 1

Joe and I have previously played three ASL campaigns: Primosole Bridge (the long one), Operation Watchtower, and KGP IV, prayers in the dark. When Valor of the Guards was released, it was a natural that we would take a shot this one. We settled on CGII. It's a little larger than our previous games, but I think we will be able to see it through.

Since Joe had been the attacker in our last CG, he volunteered to take the defending Russians.

I have never beaten Joe. In the three campaigns, and at least a dozen scenarios. I'm starting to get a complex. I'm the Mets, he's the Phillies, and it's September, 2007. Anyway I certainly won't be underestimating him .

Sept 14th.

Joe and I got through 2 -1/2 turns of the first scenario of the CG last week. Joe sent me a few cool pix I'll post with this AAR.

The were two pregame bombardments. One given by the OB, plus one more that I purchased. The pre-reg hexes that I selected were both towards the eastern edge of the railyards, as I had planned to make a thust through there. Joe double-crossed me by not setting up ANY units in that area. But I had the last laugh, as neither bombardment fell on target. One fell two hexes east, breaking a few militia squads. The other fell one hex to the west, wrecking some rail cars, and starting a fire.

Because Joe setup almost all of his units back - east of Communistcheskaya St - the first few turns saw more manuever than fire. I was somewhat surpised to see that he chose not defend the Central Rail Station. It would be tough to hold through the day with all the firepower the Germans are bringing, but as a strongpoint it could be very costly for the Germans to take. Time will tell.

The Germans are making two thrusts: one in the north to try to sweep up the northern edge, the other in the center around and through the rail station. I bought an infantry coy of the 518th (one of only two allotted) to assist in the north. I was fortunate to get a reinforcement dr of '1' and get these troops and the OB given northern edge troops on the map quickly.

The main northern defense positions discover thus far are a dug-in T-34 in the K5 rubble (He has already bagged a StuG), and a 76L ART gun in the 2nd level of Pavlov's house (it's hard to believe his wife went along with that. "Honey, I'm gonna put huge gun in the spare bedroom okay?" "Oh, Pavlov!").

Other notable events on the northen flank:

  • The Germans called in for some rocket artillery, which missed it's target (the K8 building), but still did some damage falling a few hexes to the south.

  • A leader went berserk in the hex next to the dug-in T-34, but failed to convince the broken squad he was moving with to 'go crazy' with him. The broken squad routed away. leaving the crazed leader hoping he remembered to pack his ATMM

  • A StuG got bogged on some debris en route to assisting the northern assault.

A dug-in T-34 greets a StuG while a berzerk leader checks his pack for an ATMM.

An ART gun crew covers 9th January square and the watches over the T-34. Their main protection is the AA gun in the trench a few steps north.

Meanwhile........down by the Rail Station......

The thrust around the rail station moved quickly, as very little resistance was put up in the area. Joe is obviously concentrating on force preservation, as he looks forward to a night counter-attack. Some resistance was put up in and around the Children's Home, but those troops quickly headed for the rear, leaving behind a MMG.

I used the 6 "support CPP" to buy the upgraded stuka RG. So far, Joe's T-34's have survived two stuka attacks. (Hopefully the score will change soon.) He has had bad luck with the MA's on the things, though. In the first turn he broke a squad manned MMG in the north, and the MA on a T-34 in the south. In a turn two rally phase he rolled a 6 on the MMG repair attempt and took it off the map. He then declared "Well, I couldn't possibly roll another '6', so I guess I'll try to fix this one too." I don't have to tell you what happened.

As I moved three StuGs through the area near south edge on turn two, a HIP ATR toting half squad popped up in the rear missing his shot. However, as all three StugS turned to show them front armor, it gave a rear shot chance to a different ATR team, who didn't miss. Joe used this diversion to get a T-34 into position to block my advance. I move up a StuG outside of his CA for a bounding shot which missed. Joe held fire.

In his DF phase he spun the turret for reasonable shot, but.....another 12. Will he try to fix this one? We'll see......

The German horde approaches Communistcheskaya Street.

Lead German squad tries to cross the street in the shadow of friendly artillery fire.



The bombardment wrecks some rail cars and starts a fire in the yard. Local hobo population is outraged!

Humiliated T-34 sulks toward the rear, while two stuka pilots circle, laughing at him.

Hopefully, we'll be able to get back at it within a few weeks.

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