Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend ASL

Saturday is usually "ASL day" in my world. Joe has already waved me off continuing the VotG campaign this week because it's his girlfriend's birthday. Yeah. Seriously. Pffft.

Fortunately I got a call from another of my regular opponents, whom we will call "Jim". His name is Jim.

The last few scenarios we have played have been monsters: The Darkest Day, and Storming the Station, both from Valor of the Guards.

We are going to scale it back a bit and have a go at Debacle At Sung Kiang. A Chinese vs. Japanese 1937 scenario from Bounding Fire's recent "Into the Rubble" pack. While it's not a stack-slammer like Darkest Day, it's still a bit meaty with 16 squads and a few armored cars on each side. That actually makes it one of the smaller cards in the pack (!)

Time to brush up on the rules for Chinese troops, and embanked railroads, which are sort of like hillocks, which I also have to look up. Oh and factories, and.... oh hell. I'll just start reading again from chapter A.

Why can't I ever remember the rules?

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