Sunday, March 16, 2008

Letter of Complaint from the SHA

Devastation is brought to the Stalingrad railyards, causing consternation among the Stalingrad hobo population.

Shortly after posting the below AAR on Saturday, we received this letter of complaint from the Stalingrad Hobo Association:

Dear Blind Hex,

We members of the Stalingrad Hobo Community object in the strongest possible terms to your depiction of the destruction of our homes (what you call "rail cars") as the random result of some sort of "game". While thankfully no hobos were killed or wounded in the bombardment you describe, and while it's true that the resulting blaze makes it easier for us to start trash can fires, several of the homeless hobos among us were made even more homeless by the destruction of their rail car quasi- homes.

Let me first state for the record, that the battle in Stalingrad has been overall a net positive for our community. The rubbling of buildings has created a plethora of new quasi-home possibilities, and vastly increased the amount of available scrap metal we crave. Broken lumber strewn about has been a boon to the bindle stick industry which accounts for nearly 40% of our internal economy.

However, we find your glib attitude toward the rail yard tragedies to be offensive. Just because our clothes are comically large and ill fitting, and we eat meals out of discarded food found in restaurant dumpsters, and sometimes from hospital refuse, that is no reason to take our plight lightly.

"Boxcar" Vlad, President - Stalingrad Hobo Association.

"Boxcar" Vlad of the Stalingrad Hobo Association prepares for the unhappy possibility of a German victory at Stalingrad.

Editor's note - The purpose of this site is to document the playing of a VotG campaign game, not to make societal judgements. However, we do wonder how 1940's Russian hobos gained access to a computer. That's just weird.

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